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Building Good Company Culture with Branded Merchandise

When I’m travelling I can’t help but notice all the promotional merchandise and branded apparel. This trip, I met Mark – he works at #Salesforce. His jacket gave that away 😉 and i asked him how he got the jacket. He shared that he was with a company that Salesforce acquired and he received the jacket as a welcome gift plus other branded Salesforce items. Awesome how branded merchandise can unite an employee with his new colleagues and company! #promotionalproductswork #branding #employeemorale #recognition @ppai_hq Proforma



PiperSpeaksPromo, is a national company providing presentations about promotional products impact on Brand and Company Image. Our presentations provide creative cost effective marketing solutions that motivates action and builds brand awareness. We discuss how branded merchandise engages all 5 senses of the consumer creating loyal and repeat customers. Follow us via twitter at PiperSpeaksPromo. When you see a promotional item you like post it and tag with #speakpromo.

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