Engaging Customers Through Sensory Branding

Chris speaks about the trending area of Sensory Branding. He shares that creating a stronger emotional connection, through branded merchandise, with the customer will drive preference for their brands and motivate the customer to take an action. He notes that Traditional Marketing can’t work alone in this day of technology and growth of ad blockers. Brands must escape the clutter, beat their chest, and engage the consumer to take an action.

“Chris really got me thinking and what he says makes total sense. The way I see it, this marketing is a great to be brought to the front of my clients mind all the time through the 5 senses. Chris is a genius!!!” – Thayna Romero, Evoked Emotions


Creating a plan with action behind your brand!

Testimonial: Our guests left our three day event empowered and excited to share the content Chris provided.  His understanding of our industry and his ability to connect brands and people is what made our event such a huge success.  Be prepared for endless requests for his content.  He is just that great.”  – Carene, Event & Marketing Planner

Promotional Products Consultant Vs Vendor

Marketing know-how – A professional consultant will help you understand your ultimate purpose, who your key audience is, what products will best reach them, and fit it into your budget. Help you market and connect your brand to all five senses of your customer.

Product experience– Sure you can go online and purchase a pen or a mug, but do you know which ones are the highest quality, who delivers on-time, what providers have poor track records?

Trending information – It’s a consultants job to know what’s new, in demand, and hot. They know and can help you be a trender.

Personal touch – Talking to a human being is part of it, but it’s more than that. If your promotional products do the job you’ll be back. It’s having a person with your best interests in mind.